David Iris Cameron

Classification: Emeritus

David Cameron

David Cameron attended his first ISNA support group meeting in 1995 and within the year became ISNA’s first volunteer! He served as a board member from Dec. ’02 through Dec. ’05. As a person with XXY sex chromosomes, David has written about his experience in Hermaphrodites with Attitude, Chrysalis, and Alice Dreger’s book Intersex In the Age of Ethics. As an adult, David was hormonally masculinized by testosterone therapy without his “informed” consent.
He served as an appointed member to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission LGBT Advisory Committee and was a member of their Intersex Task Force. This Task Force was the first governmental organization in the U.S. to organize a public hearing on intersex treatments that involve gender assignments. After the historic hearing in May ’04, the Task Force developed the Intersex Report, with findings and recommendations, and was adopted by the Human Rights Commission in May ’05. David is further advocating for intersex people and taking our issues to the California legislature in hopes of enacting some of the recommendations of the report.
David lives in San Francisco with his domestic partner, Peter, whom he met in 1978.