Alice Dreger, PhD

Classification: Emeritus

Alice D Dreger

Alice Dreger,PhD began her association with ISNA in 1996 in response to Cheryl Chase’s request for help changing the medical treatment of people born with intersex. One of the few non-intersex people to become a pillar of the intersex rights movement, Alice served ISNA for nine years, acting as Chair and President of the Board for six years, Chair of the Fundraising Committee for one year, and as the first Director of Medical Education. These titles do not capture the extent to which Alice often functioned as behind-the-scenes glue helping to hold ISNA together. She wrote, ghost-wrote, and edited countless articles, grants, letters, hand-outs, and blogs for ISNA, recruited and aided allies, directed numerous major fundraising campaigns, and played a central role in policy development and advocacy strategizing. She and her husband, Aron Sousa (a member of ISNA’s Medical Advisory Board) have also been major financial donors to ISNA.

Perhaps most importantly, Alice acted as project manager and editor-in-chief for the DSD Consortium’s clinical guidelines and parents’ handbook. These groundbreaking consensus documents would not have happened without her extraordinary talents and efforts. She is continuing her work as Project Coordinator for the DSD Consortium.

Alice is the author of many works central to the intersex rights and medical reform movements, including the first ethical critique of the modern-day treatment of people with intersex, Ambiguous Sex, or Ambivalent Medicine? Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Intersex. Her other much-cited works on intersex include When Medicine Goes Too Far in the Pursuit of Normality (New York Times), Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex (Harvard University Press), and Intersex in the Age of Ethics (University Publishing Group).

Alice is faculty in the Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. You can read more about her current work at her website.