Sallie Foley, MSW

Classification: Emeritus

Sally Foley

Sallie Foley is a social worker with a strong background in education and sex therapy. Her interest in the emotional and sexual consequences of genital surgeries on children dates back to 1992, when she and University of Michigan surgeon George Morley published an article pointing out that counseling and alternatives to surgery were better treatments for girls born with vaginal agenesis. Their article, Care and Counseling of the Patient with Vaginal Agenesis was published in the journal The Female Patient. Sallie was responsible for bringing to ISNA the talents of Christine Feick as an intern and mentored Christine while they two of them helped write drafts of ISNA’s parents’ and clinical handbooks. Additionally, Sallie appeared in ISNA’s ground-breaking video Total Patient Care and has written for our website.

Sallie is affiliated with the University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Counseling Services and teaches at the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Michigan. Sallie has written chapters and articles about sexual dysfunction and its treatment, and co-authored the popularly acclaimed Sex Matters for Women: A complete guide to taking care of your sexual self (Guilford, 2002). She is the author of Sex and Love for Grownups: A no-nonsense guide to a life of passion (AARP/Sterling, 2005) and answers questions about relationships and sexuality for the Modern Love column in AARP Magazine.