Jane L. Goto

Classification: Emeritus

Jane Goto

Following 25 years of shame and denial, a series of events caused Jane Goto to re-evaluate. Electing to cast off the shroud of shame, she began to utilize her skills and 25 year’s experience as an adult educator and communicator to help others and, in the process, expedite her own healing.

Jane joined ISNA in 2003 as our Operations Manager in Seattle. She has fielded several thousand e-mails, letters and phone calls from people seeking answers and assistance with the aftermath of unwanted surgeries, secrecy, lies and shame that have traditionally been associated with Disorders of Sex Development.

Jane says “I learn something each time I work on the ISNA Helpdesk. The courage and fortitude displayed by the people who come to ISNA with questions or just to share their stories inspire me every day. I am also incredibly grateful to our legion of loyal donors and funders who, through their financial support, make it possible for ISNA to carry out its important work and achieve its mission.”

Jane recently completed her second term as a board member of the support group for her own specific condition and is that group’s Pacific Northwest regional meeting coordinator. In this capacity, Jane forged a cooperative working relationship with the professional staff at her local Children’s Hospital.

In her role as first responder for ISNA and a diagnoses-specific support group, Jane has assisted affected adults, teens, and (biological and adoptive) parents. Jane has also worked closely with doctors, therapists, social workers and case workers in providing information, resources and support to their clients.

Her unique brand of humor, disarming candor and pragmatism have been well received at medical grand rounds and med school presentations. Jane is also a popular guest lecturer at local campuses in a number of other disciplines, including Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Anthropology, Gender Studies, etc.