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  • The Clitoris Dot Com- Welcome to Dedicated to women's sexual pleasure, health, and happiness. The clitoris is the key to sexual pleasure for the majority of women. Only women are endowed with an organ that has no other purpose than to give them intense pleasure. A good understanding of the clitoris is essential to the sexual health and emotional happiness of women. This website has been created to provide a healthy and open forum for the discussion and dissemination of information about the clitoris, and female sexuality as a whole.
  • The Penis Dot Com- Everything you ever wanted to know about being a man or boy, including information on your cock, the problems it can cause you, sex, masturbation, being gay, sexual problems, the male menopause, making love, premature ejaculation and much, much more. Whatever you want, you'll find it here, written for you by the best authors and experts available today. You can see all the contents below. Details of our pages on male sexuality, arousal, orgasm and ejaculation and the andropause are further down the table. There are links to pages on hypospadias and Peyronies as well. Click on the blue link