DSD Symposium 2006 Schedule

Friday October 13, 2006

Friday 10:00 Conversation Rounds
Friday 11:00 Affinity Groups
Friday 1:30-Conceptualizing Competent Care for Intersex Adults
Friday 3:00-Agenda for Change: Psychology and Clinical Management of Disorders of Sex Development in Adulthood

Saturday October 14, 2006

Saturday 8:45-Welcome to the DSD Symposium
Saturday 9:00-Report on Chicago Consensus Conference
Saturday 9:45-Nomenclature change
Saturday 10:30-Adult Counseling
Saturday 11:30-Lunch
Saturday 1:15-Clinical Handbook
Saturday 2:00-How to Make a Team
Saturday 3:00-Parents Handbook
Saturday 3:45-Counseling Parents
Saturday 5:00-Setting the Research Agenda
Saturday 5:45-Closing

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