ovo-testes (formerly called "true hermaphroditism")

Ovotestes are gonads (sex glands) containing both ovarian and testicular tissue. These are sometimes present in place of one or both ovaries or testes. In other words, a person might be born with two ovotestes, or a person might be born with one ovary and one ovotestes, or a person might be born with some other combination.

The fact that a person has ovotestes won’t tell you what his or her genitals looked like when he or she was born. Some people with ovotestes look fairly typically female, some fairly typically male, and some look fairly in-between in terms of genital development.

Testicular tissue in ovotestes involves an increased risk of gonadal cancer. For this reason, people with ovotestes need to have the testicular portion removed or to at least be very carefully monitored by doctors.