MYTH #2: John Money is responsible for all of the troubles that have befallen intersexed people

Psychologist John Money became widely known through John Colapinto’s book, As Nature Made Him. Money often argued that you could make any kid a girl or a boy, as long as you made the genitals look “right.” It turns out gender identity is much more complicated than that, but unfortunately legions of doctors thought Money was right and did “normalizing” surgeries in an attempt to make intersex go away.

While it is true that a lot of doctors justified their work via Money’s own work, it is also true that burning Money in effigy won’t make any difference in the lives of the five girls who today had their clitorises cut down by a surgeon who thinks no one can live with intersexed genitals. Every time you sit around and blame Money, ask yourself what you’ve done today to try to see that tomorrow there will be only four children subjected to medically unnecessary surgeries on their genitals. What can you do? For starters, don’t give into Myth 1