Dr. Joyce Brothers Likes Our Work!

Classification: News

The well-known and well-regarded Dr. Joyce Brothers has just written about the intersex treatment controversy in a syndicated column appearing in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and elsewhere. Judging by her Q&A’s on intersex, Dr. Brothers has taken a close look at what what we have to say and agrees with the logic of our recommendations. Thanks, Dr. Brothers, for seeing the importance of public education about people with intersex! We would like to note, though, that intersex is not the same as “ambiguous genitalia,” as Dr. Brothers’ column seems to suggest. Some people with intersex do not have any apparent genital ambiguity; for more on what we mean, check out our FAQ on this topic. Unfortunately, even those folks have tended to be subject to the same shrouds of shame and secrecy. If you’d like to help us change that, consider donating to support our work. Every dollar helps us in our mission to build a world free of shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries!