Womyn's Awareness Center Donates V-day Funds

ISNA would like to extend sincere thanks to the Womyn’s Awareness Center at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN for generously donating funds raised during their V-Day events on campus.

The WAC’s mission is to offer “a designated safe place for womyn and men interested in womyn’s issues to think, discuss, argue, laugh, and freely be themselves. It also serves as a resource center for feminist, reproductive rights, justice, queer, and various other issues.”

As a professor at Gustavus last year and as a research associate this year, I have seen the members of the WAC do very good (and hard!) work on campus to educate their peers and tackle the tough issues. This year alone, they’ve held several drives to collect cell phones for women, sponsored events to educate peers about sexual assault, organized programming to educate peers about feminism, and engaged their peers, faculty, staff, and administration in important conversations about diversity and campus climate.

ISNA thanks the WAC for its hard work to raise funds to help create a world free of secrecy, trauma, and stigma for people with intersex conditions and hopes that other organizations will follow the WAC’s lead in helping ISNA do this very important work by donating funds.