Classification: News

5 February 1998


Fox TV news covers intersex controversy

WHAT: A news feature by FOX TV News Chicago covers the ongoing controversy
over medical management of intersexuality.

WHO: Interviewed in the segment are ANGELA MORENO, who rebuts the argument
that  "modern" clitoral surgery is less damaging than older surgeries
openly labeled clitorectomy;  MS. MORENO'S PARENTS, who support her
activism;   ROBERT HATCH MD, a surgeon who continues to advocate 
emergency interventions in keeping with the traditional  model; JUSTINE
SCHOBER MD, a urologist who advocates against early genital surgery; ALICE 
DREGER PHD, a             
historian and narrative ethicist who argues that  the secrecy, misrepresentation,
and experimental early genital surgery advocated in the traditional 
medical model are unethical; and CHERYL CHASE,  founder of the Intersex
Society of North America.

WHEN:     Most likely to air during 9 PM news Feb
9 1998 in Chicago.  Fox affiliates in other cities may also broadcast 
that day or later in the week; call your Fox affiliate and ask about the
intersex feature from Fox Chicago.