Dr. Alice Dreger Publishes "Ethical Problems in Intersex Treatment"

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Press Release: September 1997

Dr. Alice Dreger Publishes “Ethical Problems in Intersex Treatment”

The current issue of the Medical Humanities Report, a quarterly publication of the Center for Ethics and Humanites in the Life Sciences at Michigan State University, carries an article titled “Ethical Problems in Intersex Treatment,” by narrative ethicist and historian Dr. Alice Dreger.

Dr. Dreger will be presenting on “Listening to Hermaphrodites: Historical and Ethical Problems in the Medical Treatment of Intersexuality” at the annual meeting of the Society for Health and Human Values, in Baltimore Nov 7.

In an indication that interest in the topic among bioethicists is heating up, Dr. Sharon Sytsma, of Northern Illinois University, will also present on “Ethical Analysis of Medical Policies on the Treatment of Neonatal Intersexuals.”