The Nation mentions intersex and ISNA in an article about (trans)gender

Classification: News

December 17, 2001 issue of The Nation has a story about (trans)gender that mentions the concealment-based medical "treatment" of intersex and ISNA's work to challenge it. Written by E. J. Graffe, The M/F Boxes describes the experiences of intersex people who have undergone unnecessary genital surgeries in childhood: "Now some of those children have come of age and are telling their stories: severe depression, sexual numbness and a long-time despair at having been folded, spindled, and mutilated."

"The leader of this nascent movement is Cheryl Chase, who in 1993 organized the Intersex Society of North America. ISNA opposes reassignment surgery on intersex infants... ISNA's cause was helped when Johns Hopkins sex researcher and PhD John Money, who wrote the intersex silence-and-reassignment protocol, was profoundly discredited" by the revelation of the outcome of the famous "John/Joan" case, Graffe wrote.