Classification: News

: 29 May 1998 

On the Issues covers Intersex
Genital Mutilation

The cover story in the current issue of the quarterly glossy magazine
On The Issues is an account of IGM, or Intersex Genital Mutilation by journalist
Martha Coventry. Illustrated with photos of Coventry and other survivors
of the increasingly controversial but still widely imposed operation. A
sidebar directs readers to several intersex peer support groups.

"The truth is that the very thing surgery claims to save us from
-- a sense of differentness and abnormality --it quite unequivocally creates."


Coventry, M. (1998). The Tyranny of the Esthetic: Surgery's most intimate
violation, On the Issues: The Progressive Woman's Quarterly, Vol.
7 (pp. 16-23+61, ill.).

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