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Press Release: 20 December 1997

Rudolph shot, killed in Michigan

On December 1 of 1996, ISNA News sent out a news item from a Wisconsin newspaper about a hunter who had shot an intersexed deer. It's deer season again, and yet another filler item is running in popular newspapers.

Those of you who don't understand what these stories have to do with Rudolph are encouraged to see the story "Case Report" in Hermaphrodites with Attitude, at

In the print version of the newsletter, a happy pre-surgery Rudolph was depicted, with bright red nose. The post-surgical Rudolph had a gaping hole where his nose had been removed, and a moving, sorrowful mien. These graphics will be added to the web version eventually.

[Allegan, Mich, 11 Dec 1997]

WHEN HE SHOT the deer from 45 yards away, Roy Kaylor could see he'd bagged something special: an enormous eight-point buck. When he lifted the deer's legs, he learned something else entirely.

The he was a she -- a doe with antlers.

Kaylor, 34, who killed the deer with a 12-guage shotgun on Nov 28, met with disbelief when he described his discovery to other hunters.

Kaylor's deer weighed 289 pounds.