Cosmo pushes genital surgery

Classification: News

Havranek, Carrie. 1998. The New Sex Surgeries. Cosmopolitan, November, 146-50. 

The November 1998 issue of Cosmopolitan
carried an article which positively
gushed about cosmetic genital surgeries.
According to author Havranek, women with
larger inner labia than outer can benefit
from having parts of their labia removed,
while women with weak PC muscles can
improve their sex lives with "Laser Vaginal
Rejuvenation," and inorgasmic women may
become easily and multiply orgasmic after 
pubic mound liposuction. 

Although the article concedes that promises
of improved sexual response are unscientific,
and cautions that sensation may actually be
damaged, it repeatedly calls these procedures 
"proven safe and effective," and presents
only three patients, each of whom makes fantastic
claims of sexual benefits.

ISNA has been contacted by several women
who underwent these procedures, with disastrous
consequences (sexual dysfunction, chronic pain,
cosmetic disfigurement). For one such story,
(including an Edo period woodblock celebrating
the eroticism of large inner labia!), see Winged
Labia: Deformity or Gift?.