Portland Mercury reports the impact of ISNA on medical practice

Classification: News

Portland Mercury, the alternative weekly from Portland, Oregon, published a feature story about intersex that is sympathetic to ISNA and intersex people. Written by Katia Dunn, the article synthesizes interviews with a pediatric endocrinologist from Oregon Health Science University, an intersex person from Portland, and the ISNA summer intern, also from Portland. From article: "I think the Intersex Movement has certainly had an influence on my practice," he [Dr. Rosenfeld of OHSU] explains. "There are definitely occasions when I recommend surgery, but if someone asks me my opinion, I tell them, 'This is what I would do, but there's also this movement that recommends this...' and then I direct them to ISNA's website." Read the article, and also read our letter to the editor in the next issue clarifying our position.