Intersex in the Age of Ethics Published

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20 August 1999

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Intersex in the Age of Ethics, a collection edited

by Alice Domurat Dreger, has just been published by

University Press Group of Hagerstown Maryland.


"Intersex in the Age of Ethics marks the first

time an entire volume has been dedicated to the

exploration of the ethics of intersex treatment.

It could not be more timely; professional

conferences, gender clinics, and the popular

media are abuzz with the controversy over how

medicine and society should handle intersex

and intersexuals. The volume will provide some

much-needed perspective. The writings

approach the issue of intersexuality and its

treatment from numerous perspectives,

including the personal, ethical, clinical, legal,

anthropological, historical, sociological, and


--Alice Domurat Dreger



"The range of ethical issues that arise in

regard to the treatment of intersex infants,

children, and adults is richly representative of

the clinical healthcare ethics generally. By

incorporating the perspective of patients and

their stories in this account, however,

Intersex in the Age of Ethics does more than

introduce the question of healthcare ethics in

microcosm. It also leads the reader to

examine the effect of ethical reflection on the

lives of patients.

"Unlike many collections of essays, this one

hangs together very well both for reading and

for teaching. Intersex in the Age of Ethics is a

model, in both senses of the word, of what

thoughtful healthcare ethics reflection can

accomplish. It embodies a conceptual model of

ethical reflection that leads the reader to pose

the right questions and to respond to them

with patients' lives in mind. And it is a model

in the evaluative sense--excellent, admirable,

and deserving of imitation."

--David T. Ozar, PhD, Loyola University of







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