Doctors Debate Genital Surgery

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26 August 1999

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Physician's Weekly carries a Point/Counterpoint

article in which pediatric endocrinologists

Philip Gruppuso of Brown University and

Peter Lee of University of Pittsburgh debate

the advisibility of cosmetic surgery on infants

born with ambiguous genitals.





LEE: YES First, it would be important for

me to make a distinction between cosmetic

and corrective surgery. Cosmetic surgery

implies that the surgery is done just so

that the organ has a more pleasing



GRUPPUSO: NO Surgery is indicated for these

children to prevent medical complications,

such as urinary-tract infections. But I no

longer recommend cosmetic surgery

during infancy for the purpose of giving

these children's genitals a more normal






Lee, Peter, and Philip A. Gruppuso. 1999. Should

cosmetic surgery be performed on the genitals

of children born with ambiguous genitals?

(Point/Counterpoint). Physician's Weekly, August 16.




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