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: 6 August 1998 


Intersex Support Group International announces a new ministry based on
the True Love of Jesus Christ for intersexuals.  I.S.G.I. has been
established from the  recognition within mainstream Evangelical Christian
churches of birth anomalies labeled "Intersex" or "Hermaphrodite". 
Based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., the I.S.G.I. grew out of the godly response
of one Conservative Baptist Church as they studied, prayed, and responded
with compassion to an adult intersexual within their congregation. 
From the basic discernment that "being born a hermaphrodite is not
sin", to understanding the complex web of life thrust upon the intersexual,
I.S.G.I. has blossomed to become an oasis of Christian love and hope.

For to long, the unyielding demands of people claiming the name of Christ
have over-ridden the real love and understanding of our Creator and Lord.
Acknowledged in scriptures, both old and new testaments, persons born with
ambiguous or non-existent genitalia have been promised special blessing,
(Isaiah 56:3-5), as well as understanding of their peculiar relationship
in a two-gendered society, (Matthew19:11-12).

I.S.G.I. has gathered a highly respected panel of leaders from internationally
respected ministries, all serving to keep the lines of hope and support
open to intersexuals, their families, and their church

communities.  The 'Manifesto' of I.S.G.I. has been published at the
group's virtual domain on the world wide web,

In addition to the I.S.G.I. web site, a counseling network has been established
on four continents to provide basic triage' of spiritual and emotional conflicts
experienced by many who cope with this common life circumstance. (1 in 2000
births)  In cooperation with established intersexual activist groups
such as ISNA, the Intersex Support Group International has taken the lead
to provide insight and understanding toward individuals searching for peace
from their Creator, our Lord Jesus


As intersexuals we have been created unique by God.

Deus Unicus Creatus

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