Classification: News

15 March 1997


A special issue of the magazine Chrysalis, devoted
solely to intersex issues, is now available.

This issue of Chrysalis is 56 pages long, illustrated with black and
white photos, and contains personal stories from intersex adults and partners,
some history and psychology, and even a bit of humor. Edited by Cheryl
Chase and Martha Coventry. Contributors (in alphabetical order) are: Tamara
Alexander, Max Beck, D. Cameron, Raphael Carter, Cheryl Chase, Martha Coventry,
Brynn Craffey, Alice Dreger, Annie Green, Morgan Holmes, Suzanne Kessler,
Jeff McClintock, Angela Moreno, Sven Nicholson, Kiira Triea, and Heidi


Single issues may be ordered directly from ISNA for $9 postpaid (US
and Canada). Quantities of five or more receive a 40% discount. Bookstores
receive a 40% discount. Overseas orders should add $3 for shipping and


    PO Box 31791

    San Francisco CA 94131

If you contributed to the issue, a complimentary copy is on its way
to you. Chrysalis is published by AEGIS (American Educational Gender Information
Service). If you are a paid subscriber through AEGIS, your copy is forthcoming
from AEGIS.