Diamond and Sigmundson publish recommendations

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Press Release: 18 November 1997

Diamond and Sigmundson publish recommendations

Sex researcher Milton Diamond and psychiatrist Keith Sigmundson, whose publication last March of a follow-up which revealed that the sex reassignment of "John/Joan" had been a failure, have unleashed a new wave of controversy. The October issue of Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine published a new article by the pair, which outlines a new model of management for intersexuality. "Some of these suggestions," note the pair, "are contrary to today's common management procedures. . . Underlying our guidelines is the key belief that that patients themselves must be involved in any decision as to something so crucial in their lives."

The article emphasizes openness, honesty, peer support and professional counseling, and avoidance of early cosmetic surgery. In a break with the journal's tradition, the article closes with nearly a full page of listings for a variety of peer support groups.

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