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Press Release:1 September1998

Kessler, Suzanne. 1998. Lessons from the Intersexed: Rutgers University

Kessler argues that medical management of intersexuality is guided by
cultural beliefs about gender and genitals rather than by the needs of
the child.

Kessler draws on results from interviews with pediatric surgeons and
endocrinologists, parents of intersexed children, and adult intersexuals
to propose changes in medical treatment

of intersexuality. A full chapter, "Questioning medical management,"
is devoted to the rise of an intersexed patient advocate movement and consideration
of its likelihood of success.

With 132 pages of text, 31 pages of endnotes, a glossary, 21 pages of
bibliographic information, and 14 pages of index, this book is carefully
documented, an indispensable addition to the library

of all who have a personal, scholarly, or social justice interest in
the subject.

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