Editorial in British Medical Journal urges doctors to "stand back and rethink"

Classification: News

British Medical Journal has published an editorial in its December edition (2001; 323:1264-1265) that suggests that "it is time to stand back and rethink" the current treatment protocol of intersex children. Authors Sarah Creighton and Catherine Minto argued that more researches are necessary, citing the emergence of intersex patient groups such as ISNA as well as the recent studies that demonstrated negative impacts of surgical treatment. Criticizing the mundane practice of non-disclosure of information, the authors urge the medical community to treat patients within a multidisciplinary team and to collaborate with patient groups to create "a major research partnership." See British Medical Journal's web site for the full text of the editorial.

Update 12/15/2001:
The web site of BMJ published a response from Melissa Cull, the founder of Adrenal Hyperplasia Network in England, to Creighton and Minto's editorial.