ISNA Discussed in "Savage Love"

Classification: Recent Publications

ISNA is mentioned in the famous "Savage Love" advice column of April 14, 2004.

The issue mentioned is familiar: an adult born with intersex who was "sex reassigned" to be female as a child, now wishing the parts s/he was born with were still there.

I've written a note of thanks to Dan Savage ("Savage Love" columnist) and asked him to clarify one thing:

Intersex conditions DO sometimes come with serious underlying health concerns. Therefore anyone who thinks s/he is intersex or that his/her child is intersex SHOULD seek medical advice to rule out (or address) health problems. We do not hesitate to recommend surgeries that address serious health problems (as when a child is born with intersex and no urinary outlet).

We're wondering how many folks are out there in the same situation as "MARIO".... It's time for complete disclosure to those who were treated the same way. People deserve to know the TRUTH about their medical histories. No more excuses, no more paternalism, please!

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