Intersex Documentary Wins New Zealand's "Oscar"

Classification: News

Congratulations to long-time ISNA ally Mani Mitchell: The documentary film “Mani’s Story,” which traces Mani’s life and intersex activism, has won the Quantas Award for best television documentary in New Zealand! (This is the equivalent of the U.S. “Oscars.”) Also featured in the film are American intersex activists Angela Moreno (board member of ISNA) and David Vandertie. 

This documentary was produced by Greenstone Pictures and is not currently available in the US. But you can get a copy of Hermaphrodites Speak! by making a donation to ISNA. “Hermaphrodites Speak!” features Mani, Angela, and seven other people with intersex conditions talking about their experiences. Click here to donate to support our efforts and to get a copy of “Hermaphrodites Speak!” or one of our other videos.