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13 January 1998


Psychiatrist and former urologist reevaluates treatment
model in Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Reiner, William G. 1997. Sex Assignment in the Neonate with Intersex
or Inadequate Genitalia. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Hopkins psychiatrist Reiner (formerly a urologist) offers a "tentative
data-oriented approach." In a refreshing departure from the dogmatic assertions
of many surgeons in the field (Urology Times 97, Colapinto 97), he recognizes

o  Some XX CAH individuals "may be happier in later life as males."

o  Surgical interventions may produce irreversible harm.

o  "Surgical reduction of an enlarged clitoris can at times damage

    sensation and thus reduce orgasmic potential and
genital pleasure."

o  "Sexual orientation may be towards females even if the child

    is reared as a female" [micropenis] and "sexual
orientation cannot

    be reliably predicted in these children at present"

We do hope that Reiner will in the future also consider the benefits
of peer support for reducing feelings of shame, freakishness, and isolation.



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