Georgetown Law Journal on intersex

Classification: Recent Publications

Lareau, A. C. (2003). "Who decides? Genital-normalizing surgery on intersexed infants." Georgetown Law Journal.

"Those who promote informed consent should recognize the risks and deficiencies in such an approach. Most importantly, efforts such as the ABA resolution should be rephrased to prevent the medical community from construing it as an official legal endorsement of the current treatment model. Such an endorsement could stagnate medical research into the necessity of genital- normalizing surgery, allowing surgeons to simply explain the current lack of knowledge and rely on parents to make a decision."

"Instead of allowing informed consent to become a stopping point in the debate over infant genital-normalizing surgery, the legal and advocacy community should continue to push the medical community to investigate whether genital- normalizing surgeries are recommended solely for social and psychological, as opposed to medical, concerns. The current inability of the medical community to differentiate between truly medically-necessary surgery and surgery performed for social and psychological reasons renders even fully-informed parents unable to consent to irreversible and unnecessary cosmetic genital surgery."