Arcus Foundation Awards ISNA $150,000

Classification: Funders

We are thrilled to announce that the Arcus Foundation has renewed funding for ISNA with $50,000 per year to help cover our 2006-2008 operating expenses! Arcus Foundation has been a key supporter of ISNA’s work since 2001, but this is the first time ISNA has secured ongoing funding from the Arcus Foundation.

Created in 2000 as a family foundation, the Arcus Foundation seeks to contribute to a pluralistic society that celebrates diversity and dignity, invests in youth and justice, and promotes tolerance and compassion. Initiated by Jon L. Stryker and Robert E. Schram, the foundation was formed in the belief that all individuals have a right and responsibility to full participation in our society and with the conviction that education and knowledge can be an antidote to intolerance and bigotry. Arcus has been ISNA’s strongest foundation sponsor since 2000.

This critical funding will help keep our efforts going strong. Here’s what some of the people who have endorsed our previous proposals told Arcus about our work:

Marc R. Laufer, M.D., Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital Boston, Brigham and Women’s Hospital:

“ISNA’s work to systematically provide improved care for children, adults, and families dealing with intersex is invaluable. Rarely have we seen a group outside of medicine provide such effective and positive initiatives for those of us working in healthcare….Board Secretary Esther Morris Leidolf…has been a tremendous resource for us….She brings to the national intersex reform movement her insights as a woman with intersex, her substantial talents as a writer, and her expertise as a social science researcher and data analyst. And ISNA makes the most of all of that.”

Sarah Creighton, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, University College London Hospitals:

“The outstanding leadership shown by Cheryl Chase and Alice Dreger in their work with ISNA has prompted and focused the medical professsion on this complex and controversial area.” But “there is still much work to be done….Genital surgery in children too young to consent is still routine. The recent progress in intersex management will only be maintained if ISNA is able to continue its work especially in the areas of medical education, research, and the media.”

Erik Parens, Ph.D., Senior Research Scholar, The Hastings Center for Bioethics, New York:

“ISNA is an extraordinary organization. Virtually single-handedly, it has transformed how people in this country and abroad think about and treat children with atypical anatomies….One would be hard-pressed to find, for example, an article in a maiinstream medical journal in the last five years that does not reference their work….[ISNA] provides resources, not just to students and professionals in the various relevant fields, but that helps real parents make difficult decisions—and helps real people who have been mutilated and shamed into understanding that they are not alone and have no reason to be ashamed.”

The more money we receive, the more work we can achieve, and the sooner we will attain a world free of shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with intersex. Won’t you help? Click here to fund our efforts with a tax deductible donation!