Intersex in Australia: More of Same

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What has happened to people with intersex in countries outside North America?

Read the story of Tony Briffa of Australia at the website of Melbourne’s The Age. You’ll see there how the concealment-centered model of treatment developed at Johns Hopkins in the 1950s spread across the world, unintentionally hurting people with intersex as far away as Australia.

An important thing to note: Though the title of this article is “Choosing the Right Gender,” being assigned the “wrong” gender (the gender he didn’t ultimately identify with) is just a part of Tony’s story. He also tells a story of being medically displayed “like a freak”, being lied to and mislead, and struggling with his sexuality following his medical treatment.

There are some signs that Australian healthcare is starting to move towards the patient-centered advocated by ISNA, but there is still much work to be done!

So please consider donating to support our efforts. And make sure children like Tony Briffa born tomorrow are offered truth, autonomy, and the psycho-social support they need.