Update of our FAQ's

Classification: News

To better educate our audiences, we’ve updated the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). To take a look, just go to www.isna.org/faq.

A number of spiffy navigation tools have also been added to make your “travel” around the FAQ’s easier.

Those of you who are teachers will be especially pleased to hear that we’ve also included a way to access an printer-friendly version of the revised FAQ’s. Feel free to print that and use it in your classes with attribution to ISNA.

To continue to serve the thousands of visitors we get each month—new parents, adults who have just learned they have an intersex condition, clinicians, students, and teachers—we’ll keep augmenting, editing, and updating FAQs. (For example, we still need to complete the section on intersex conditions, and provide a segment on the biology of sex development.) But if you know an FAQ we should consider posting, please send it along to us.

If you use our website, or refer others to it, please consider donating to support the cost of its upkeep. Thanks!