Cosmo: Good News, Bad News

Classification: News

Well, folks, good news and bad news:

The March issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine includes a big article on vaginas, called “The V-Zone: A Guide to Your Most Private Body Part.”

The good news first: We were so pleased to see that the article actually recognizes intersex and other kinds of sexual variation! Fact point #9 tells us “few lips [labia] are a perfect pair,” and #22 reports “some women “don’t have [a vagina].” Right on—we’re not born all alike!

The bad news? Cosmo suggests that the solution for having less than “ideal” genitalia is surgery. Get this: “Luckily, women with this rare condition [vaginal agenesis] can use a dilator or have surgery to construct a vagina and experience a relatively normal sex life.”

And item #10 really makes us want to run to our medicine cabinets for a sedative. It recommends labiaplasty for women with less-than-perfectly-symmetrical labia. Great—this is going to result in us getting ever more inquiries from women who want to know how to get back the genital sensation they lost to such surgeries.

Hey, Cosmo! Aren’t you supposed to be the queen of sexual freedom for women? Why does a “normal sex life” require medical procedures rather than acceptance of one’s unique form?