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:23 February 1999

Journal of Clinical Ethics Special Issue Focuses on Intersex

The current number of the Journal of Clinical Ethics (v.9 no.4 Winter
98) is a special issue devoted to the ethics

of medical management of intersexuality.

From the introductions:

The articles in this issue of JCE ask how intersexuals should be medically
treated, based on what we know now. They urge, above all else, that surgeons
no longer operate on infants born with ambiguous genitals to create "more
normal looking" genitals.

Edmund G. Howe, Editor in Chief

Without a doubt, the speed with which the intersex scene has been changing
during this decade seems to indicate a major paradigm shift.  . .
. In the end, all intersexuals are now asking is to be treated according
to the same ethical principles as everybody else. This volume seeks to
explore what that would mean.

Alice Domurat Dreger, Editor (special issue)


Intersexuality: What Should Careproviders Do Now?

Edmund G. Howe (Editor in Chief)

A history of intersexuality: From the Age of Gonads to the Age of Consent

Alice Domurat Dreger (Editor of this special issue)

The Hanukkah Bush: Ethical Implications in the Clinical Managment of

Sherri A. Groveman

Management of Intersex: A Shifting Paradigm

Bruce E. Wilson and William G. Reiner

Ten Commandments

Helena Harmon-Smith

Betwixt and Between: The Past and Future of Intersexuality

Robert A. Crouch

Surgical Progress is not the Answer to Intersexuality

Cheryl Chase

A Surgeon's Response to the Intersex Controversy

Justine Marut Schober

Pediatric Ethics and the Surgical Assignment of Sex

Kenneth Kipnis and Milton Diamond

For the Sake of the Children: Destigmatizing Intersexuality

Sharon E. Preves

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