Lisset Barcellos film "Both" screens in San Francisco

06/22/2005 - 20:15
06/22/2005 - 22:00

Lisett Barcellos and Rafael Dumet’s feature length narrative film, Both (Solaris Films, 86 minutes) will screen at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival on June 22, 8:15PM at the Victoria Theater.

Beautiful bisexual Rebeca Duarte (Jackie Parker) works as a stunt double for indie action films in San Francisco. From rolling out of cars to setting herself on fire she puts her life at risk daily. Work, lovers and friends take up most of her time but inside something is missing. Rebeca feels strangely disconnected to her own body and can’t figure out why.

One day she mysteriously receives a photo album from someone in Peru, where she had spent her childhood, containing pictures of her parents and her brother who died, but no images of herself. Feeling unsettled and intrigued she calls her mother. Getting no answers from her mother, Rebeca sets out to discover the mystery and unravel the web of lies that both the doctors and her parents have spun her whole life.

Through her fight to uncover the truth, Rebeca discovers her own identity and a renewed passion for life.

Both is a compelling and original indie feature that explores issues around gender ambiguity which is known to occur in one out of every 2,000 births. Medicalized since the 1950s, Intersexuality has been treated as a disease and is often ‘cured’ without consent, through invasive surgery and hormones.

A riveting drama, based on the experiences of the filmmaker, as well as many other intersex adults, Both tells a story of an issue that has been universally silenced through shame and secrecy.

World Premiere

Director and guests in attendance

Language: English

San Francisco