Program Educates Social Workers about Intersex Issues

Classification: News

Pam Farrell and Nina Williams, a member of ISNA’s Medical Advisory Board, are running a monthly reading group for social workers who want to learn more about intersex conditions and how to provide better psychotherapy for patients with intersex conditions. The group also seeks to educate other social workers and push for institutional change. This year, the group has focused on ISNA recommended readings and videos, heard Janet Green speak, and debated the issues raised by these materials. On October 22, 2005, group members will present a panel at the NASW-NJ annual LGBTI conference about how their education in DSDD has altered the way they think about gender and sexuality. When this group disbands in December, the plan is for current members to team up and lead groups of their own.

Nina Williams will begin another group January, 2006. The group is free of charge, open to mental health professionals, and meets monthly from January to December, with two months off during the summer. Williams hopes that within the next five years training programs will be available for all NJ health providers who encounter intersexed people in their work.