Klinefelter Syndrome


Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

From the “perspectives” section:

Being XXY or being the parents of XXYs can be challenging and difficult. We each have our own stories to tell, stories you won’t find in the medical textbooks and patient brochures. I want to share some of these stories with you. They are written from the heart by real people, some of anguish, others of triumph. As you read them, please keep in mind that each person is writing about himself, his own experiences, his own feelings. When the writer gives advice, consider that he may be wishing someone had known it and been able to advise him. Equally

American Association for Klinefelter Syndrome Information and Support

Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

AAKSIS (pronounced "access") is a national volunteer organization with the mission of education, support, research and understanding of XXY and its variants, collectively known as Klinefelter Syndrome.

Bay Area Klinefelter Syndrome Association

Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

The Bay Area Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group is dedicated to assisting individuals and families affected by Klinefelter Syndrome. We hold support meetings four times per year.

Klinefelter Organization (UK)

A UK based support organization for Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY, XXXY, XXXXY, XXYY).

Klinefelter Syndrome and Associates

Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

Our mission is to educate, encourage research, and foster treatment and cures for symptoms of sex chromosome variations.

Klinefelter Syndrome Association UK

The KSA has been supporting people in the UK with Klinefelter’s Syndrome (KS), and their families and friends, since 1990. Our members are about as diverse as in any other support group; as well as those with Klinefelter’s Syndrome themselves, we have parents, grandparents, wives, brothers, sisters, carers and friends.

Klinefelter Syndrome Support Group

Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

Portal for Klinefelter information.

Svenska XXY& Klinefelterf├Âreningen

Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

A support group in Sweden. Swedish language only


Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

For adult people, born with XXY or variant, more commonly known as Klinefelter Syndrome, who are also homosexual, bisexual, int

XXYTalk.com: International Support Forums for Klinefelter Syndrome

Classification: Klinefelter Syndrome

Our mission is to provide the means for all of us with Klinefelter Syndrome, XXY, and Variants to interact with one another including those who are keenly interested in our well being.

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