Anorchidism means that the individual has no testes

Anorchidism Support Group

Classification: Anorchidism | UK Support Groups

“The Anorchidism Support Group is based in England, and was formed on July 7th 1995 to serve and support any person, or families of boy’s, with congenital (or acquired) absence of the testes. We provide a means of networking with affected families as well as education and information. This condition can be known by several different names, please use the link to see some of the other terms used for this condition.”

“ASG has members not only here in the UK but also in America, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, Ireland, Luxemburg, & Italy to name just a few, we also have been contacted by families in several other country’s around the world. We also offer to provide assistance to families of children with undescended testes.”

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