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What We're Reading

What We're Reading

The Medical Management of Intersexed Children: An Analogue for Childhood Sexual Abuse

Classification: Library

© 1997 Tamara Alexander


Medical procedures have often been used as analogues for childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and have been seen as opportunities to observe children’s memories of these experiences in a naturalistic context (Money, 1987; Goodman, 1990; Shopper, 1995; Peterson Bell, in press). Medical traumas share many of the critical elements of childhood abuse, such as fear, pain, punishment, and loss of control, and often result in similar psychological sequelae (Nir, 1985; Kutz, 1988; Shalev, 1993; Shopper, 1995). It has been difficult, however, to find a naturally occurring trauma which incorporates aspects thought to be critical to the phenomenon of forgotten/recovered memories: namely, secrecy, misinformation, betrayal by a caregiver, and dissociative processes. There has been the added difficulty of finding medical events that directly involve genital contact and which accurately reflect the family dynamic in which abuse occurs.

The Missing Vagina Monologue

Classification: Library

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