Many people have contributed to ISNA's work since our founding in 1993. This part of the website is where we acknowledge their generosity (in somewhat random order).


ISNA is pleased to introduce a talented range of speakers who are available to speak about intersex issues and ISNA's work. To request a speaker, please use the "contact" link in the upper right corner of this screen to send ISNA an email and our Director of Community Relations, Jane Goto, will be in touch with you about arranging for the speaker of your choice.

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Please note that ISNA is closed. If you need to talk to us about legal or accounting issues, please use the fax or email addresses below.

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Information contained at ISNA's website is intended to provide a broad understanding and knowledge of intersex conditions and efforts to change medical and social treatment. This information is for informational purposes. For medical advice, please consult your physician or other health-care provider.

Links from this website do not represent endorsements.

ISNA Transforms Itself

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ISNA has been extraordinarily successful in its work to effect systematic reform in the social and medical treatment of people with intersex conditions. With the financial assistance of our donors, we have made substantial strides towards building a world free of shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with atypical reproductive anatomies.

ISNA was founded in 1993, and we enjoyed rapid growth especially in the last several years. But with that growth, we paid a high price in terms of exhausting our core staff and volunteers. We realized late in 2003 that we needed a new system, one which would be truly sustainable—one which would keep ISNA going until its work is done.

What is the agenda of the intersex patient advocacy movement?

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Presented at the First World Congress: Hormonal and Genetic Basis of Sexual Differentiation Disorders, Tempe Arizona, May 17-18 2002

Chase, Cheryl. "What is the Agenda of the Intersex Patient Advocacy Movement?" Endocrinologist. 13(3):240-242, May/June 2003. Download pdf version.

Today, almost a decade after the Intersex Society of North America was founded, many people still misunderstand what criticisms the intersex patient advocacy movement makes of standard practice, and what reforms we are asking for. I’m pleased to have this opportunity to provide a summary of our recommendations for patient-centered care, and to contrast them with the current state of medical practice.

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