What's ISNA up to?

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What’s ISNA up to at the moment?

  • Under the leadership and technical wizardry of our Executive Director Cheryl Chase, we are continuing to make our website ever more useful and accessible for the 60,000+ visitors we host each year. We know the massive quantities of material on our site can be challenging to wade through! Regular users will already have noticed our new and improved FAQ and search system. This work is generously funded by the Arcus Foundation, the Gill Foundation, Kicking Assets, the Small Change Foundation, and individuals like you. (Hint, hint!).
  • Our Director of Medical Education Alice Dreger is busy revising and sending out for review our clinical and parents handbooks, texts originally drafted for us for Medical Advisory Board member Sallie Foley and Chris Feick. After the handbooks are revised and polished, ISNA staff will be presenting them to major medical centers in California. This work is generously funded by The California Endowment and the Arcus Foundation.
  • ISNA’s Director of Community Relations Jane Goto continues masterfully to triage inquiries coming into our helpdesk from parents, adults with intersex conditions, clinicians, researchers, and reporters. Jane and other members of our Board of Directors and our Medical Advisory Board are also busy giving talks around the country at medical centers, medical schools, universities, religious institutions, and libraries. Many of these events include the screening of our film, The Child with an Intersex Condition: Total Patient Care. (Check out our events column at the right.)
  • We’re providing follow-up on inquiries regarding the report of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s investigation into the medical “normalization” of people with intersex. Board member David Cameron and many other ISNA allies have worked hard to press for and assist with this work, which recognizes intersex treatment as a human rights issue.
  • We’re gearing up to provide interest-specific portals at our website, so that visitors can have an easier time finding the information in which they’re likely to be most interested. So, for example, we’ll make it easier for people interested in legal and policy issues around intersex to find the bibliography of law/policy articles recently created for us by Triangle Foundation intern Ciara Relyea.
  • And we’re fundraising through mailings and in-person fundraisers to help sustain our work! You can save us that trouble, get on our lists, and let us dedicate even more of our efforts to our programming work by donating online. You’ll be amazed at how far we make your dollar go towards our mission of building a world free of shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for people born with intersex conditions!